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Hot Food Van Hire

  Hot food van Hire Brisbane

When you need a variety of affordable, easy to eat, delicious food and snack options at your event, Ace Fun Foods are here to help. Our hot food van hire options include the supply of our hot food vans and staff.

hot chip van dot point Hot Chips Every sporting event, expo, show, festival and outdoor event needs a hot chip van. Hot chips are ideal. They are quick to made, easy to carry around for adults and children. AND the aroma of hot chips…

 hotdog van BrisbaneHot DogsA crowd favourite. Hot Dogs with mustard or tomato sauce are an event tradition. Great for school fetes, festivals and fundraisers…hotdogs are a great hot food option. 

Dagwood dog van Brisbane Dagwood Dogs No show or carnival is complete without Dagwood Dogs. Otherwise known as a corn dog, Dagwood Dogs are a hot-dog sausage coated in spiced batter and deep fried to create a yummy, crunchy treat served on a stick. Dagwood Dogs are a proven favourite at the EKKA (Brisbane Show).

hamburger van Brisbane Hamburgers and Steak Sandwiches For a more complete meal, Hamburgers and Streak Sangas’ are also available. These more substantial food options are ideal for full day or multi-day events held around lunch or dinner time. Music festivals, shows and sporting events encourage people to stay for larger periods of time, having these types of meal options available will encourage them to stay even longer.

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