Gold Coast Snack Food Company - The Gold Coast Snack Food Company That TravelsSo many events these days have food that hardly feeds anyone. These food stalls lack the real feeling of carnival-style meals and drinks. Ace Fun Foods is the Gold Coast snack food company that travels around the Southeast Queensland region. Their stalls can be seen up and down the coast and inland at shows, rodeos, festivals and outdoor concerts.Their food really gives off the feeling of being at an old-school carnival.

Options for Your Ace Fun Foods Stalls

3 great options are available for the stall hire through Ace Fun Foods. These include the single stall or van hire, the multiple hire/combination hire or the commission-based hire.

The single stall or van hire provides you with one of the choices from the Ace Fun Foods stalls or vans. It can be great for small concerts or afternoon events. We suggest the hot food van for this one.

If you have decided to go with the multiple hire option, your choices just got a whole lot bigger. You can have drinks and hot food with the snack stall in there too. What a way to satisfy a hungry crowd.

With the final commission-based option, you are getting the same amount of stall and vans as in the multiple hires. However, you are not spending a dime whilst Ace Fun Foods has their stall at your event. As per the name of the option, you will actually receive a percentage of the profit from the sales Ace Fun Foods gets from the event. This means your bottom line just raised up ever so slightly.

What you need for a concert or outdoor event are entertainment, shelter and food. Ace Fun Foods provides the best carnival-style meals at affordable rates for any budget. From single stall to commission-based hiring, they have got it all. For more information or book them in, contact Ace Fun Foods today.