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Sample Menu of Ace Fun Foods Hot Menu. subject to change

Organising an outdoor event or function? You’ve got the things to see, to do, to ride. What about things to eat? Ace Fun Foods can supply your event with the best Gold Coast snack food catering available. They have great options for payment agreements as well commission based setups. Ace Fun Foods is the Gold Coast snack food catering company that can for feed the masses. They do this whilst keeping them on the move with fast, friendly service. There’s a great selection of carnival style drinks, snacks and hot food available with Ace Fun Foods.

Snack Food Catering Services

Ace Fun Foods are available to serve at sports carnivals, fetes, festivals and outdoor functions. They have a huge amount snack options available. These include popcorn, slushies, snow cones, fairy floss and so much more. They also have hot food vans available to sell great tasting hot food for your event goers. These foods include hot dogs, steak sandwiches, hamburgers, hot chips, dagwood dogs and so much more. Ace Fun Food is available at any event held in the South East Queensland Region.

Options for Catering

You can hire just the snack food vans, the hot food vans or a combination of both. They also have different hiring options for your event. They can hire these to you or they can work on a commission-based system. This means that they will setup for your at your event with no cost to you. That’s a win-win for both of you with this team. Ace Fun Foods are flexible with their food offerings and set up costs, making them the best food option for your next event.

Give Ace Fun Foods a call and see what they can do for you and your next event or outdoor function.

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