hot food van21 - Brisbane Snow ConesWhen you are holding an event in the summer it’s very important to have drinks and cold refreshments for your event attendees. What usually springs to mind when you think summer outdoor events is slushies and snow cones. The company that is doing the best Brisbane Snow Cones and Slushies service are Ace Fun Foods. When the sunlight is blazing and that tint of tomato is burning all over them they will need something to cool them down.

Ace Fun Foods and Your Event

What you can expect from Ace Fun Foods are a mobile food stall and catering solution. They are the company that delivers Brisbane Snow Cones, slushies, popcorn, fairy floss and churros to all of your local shows and outdoor events. ACE Fun Foods has been the show and event circuit’s go-to food and drink providers for years. They are available for your corporate functions, outdoor concerts, and conferences. ACE Fun Foods will provide you with hot food options as well as hot breakfast catering if you need.

What Can Ace Fun Foods Do For You?

Ace Fun Foods have 3 options of hiring to choose from. The options are Single Stall, Combination Hire or Commission Hire.

Single Store Hire – You will have the advantage of a great stall with less overhead for your event.

Combination Hire – When you choose this option, the entire fleet of food vans and stall are available to you. From hot food vans to fairy floss and drink stalls. It will provide your event attendees with options to choose from. Great All round deal here.

Commission Based Hire – Your Option here is simple, Hire what you want for no cost. You will get a percentage of the total sales at the end. Great for big events and small one too.

For whatever type of function, contact Ace Fun Foods and get your patrons feed well by the best.

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