Sunshine Coast Snack Food Catering - The Best Mobile Brisbane Snack Food Company For EventsThe right event needs the right type of food and drink for their guests. If you are holding a small outdoor event or a 10,000 person concert/festival, Ace Fun Foods can provide your patrons with their consumable needs. This means that you have everyone fed and watered, they are ready to continue their time at your event. Ace Fun Foods are the Number 1 Brisbane Snack Food Company available on the market today.

The Hiring Options With Ace Fun Foods

There are 3 great options for Ace Fun Foods. They have the single hire, combination hire and commission-based hire. The single hire is as it sounds, you get to hire 1 stall or van for your festival or outdoor event. This one is great for smaller events or if you need a specific type of stall. The combination hire option is designed to let the organises dictate their needs and have them filled. If you are having a short, large outdoor concert, you can have hot food and drinks there to feed and water everyone.

This is a great option for 2 or more stalls. Finally, with the commission-based option, you are getting the combination option at no cost to you. In fact, when you hire from Ace Fun Foods using the commission-based option, they will actually split the profit with you. This means that your crowd is fed, and both you and Ace Fun Foods make a profit. Win Win.

You really need a company that knows how to feed your event attendees. Hot food, Snack foods, slushies and snow cones. Big or small events, Ace Fun Foods can help you.

For more information or to secure them for your next event, contact Ace Fun Foods and sort your food out easily and quickly. The food your patrons will love you for.


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