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Where there is a kids event, there needs to be kid friendly food (also for the adults to enjoy too). Imagine a school fete, festival or sports break up party without great snack food. Popcorn, Slushies are a party food/event food tradition that everyone enjoys and are ideal for fundraising events. Our snack food stall options are affordable and quick to prepare ~ perfect for families. 


Our Brisbane event catering solutions will suit any event. We cater for indoor and outdoor events and can provide staff to serve your event guests with great quality event food.

Snack Food Van – Our food van and snack food stalls are fully equipped to cater for any fete, party, sporting event or corporate event. From your company Christmas party through to public festival, Ace Fun Foods Brisbane event catering services can help you.

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Between the smell and the taste, no-one can resist freshly made popcorn. Popcorn has been around for over 5000 years making it one of the oldest snack foods around and the perfect food to munch on.
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Refreshing iced drink that is fun. Everyone likes to play around with the different slushy flavours and colours. Great for warmer weather events and where there are lots of children. Fun Days, sporting events and expos are a fantastic event to serve slushies.
Contact Ace Fun Foods and we can help you find which catering option will suit best.
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